for Strategic Trade Control Compliance

This section of the ICP Guide directs you through the process of writing a clear and comprehensive ICP Manual based on the core elements of an ICP. The guide provides MS Word® templates for each element of the ICP that can be edited and modified to reflect your enterprise's specific ICP policies and procedures. The templates provide instructions for the person(s) responsible for writing the ICP Manual and identify specific content that should be customized by your enterprise. When completed, your enterprise will have created a custom-tailored ICP Manual that can serve as the foundation of your organization’s ICP and future trade compliance efforts. The ICP Manual can be printed, bound, and distributed to all key personnel and departments within your enterprise.

Click on the appropriate chapter below to access a customizable template for each element of your enterprise’s ICP.

  1. Management Commitment to Compliance
  2. Organizational Structure and Responsibilities
  3. Transaction Screening Process and Procedures
  4. Shipment Control
  5. Auditing and Internal Review
  6. Training and Education
  7. Recordkeeping & Documentation
  8. Reporting and Corrective Action

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