for Strategic Trade Control Compliance

The section is intended as a primer and the content is designed to stimulate the user’s thinking about how STC can potentially impact your business and whether an ICP is appropriate for your enterprise. This portion of the guide seeks to familiarize users with basic strategic trade control concepts, the types of commodities and activities subject to regulation and restriction, the types of industry stakeholders and sectors impacted by STC, and the role industry plays in preventing the unauthorized transfer or diversion of strategic items. The section explains the purpose and importance of internal compliance programs, the advantages and benefits an ICP can afford to businesses, and the costs associated with STC non-compliance. This section also discusses the importance of customizing your enterprise’s ICP in order to maximize the program’s usefulness and effectiveness. In addition, this section of the guide contains the Glossary of Terms that provides definitions for over 150 of the relevant terms used throughout the ICP Guide.

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