for Strategic Trade Control Compliance

Users should begin navigating the ICP Guide from the Main Menu of the Home page. Here, users can utilize any of the six, main navigation buttons across the top of the page as well as the CLST and RPST “Quick Links” to access all of the information and resources on the site. There are dropdown windows that appear under each of the six main navigation buttons that allow the user to explore the composition of each sub-section and to click on the various sub-headings in order to access the information and resources that are available.

The ICP Guide is divided into two distinct parts: “ICP Informational Materials” and “ICP Implementation Tools.” The first three navigation buttons (Introduction to ICPs; Navigating and Using the Site, and Elements of an ICP) are part of the informational materials. All other navigation buttons (Developing an ICP Manual, Implementation Resources, Industry Sector-specific Tools, as well as the CLST and the RPST) contain content and materials that are intended to assist with the implementation of your enterprise’s ICP.

The following is a brief description of each section of the ICP Guide:

Part 1: ICP Informational Materials

  • Navigating and Using the Site: This section familiarizes users with the organization, features, and capabilities of the ICP Guide and attempts to facilitate proper navigation and use of the ICP content and materials.
  • Introduction to Internal Compliance Programs: This section contains information related to strategic trade control (STC) and internal compliance program (ICP) concepts, as well as the Glossary of Terms.
  • Elements of an Internal Compliance Program: This section provides a detailed explanation of each of the “core” elements of an ICP (as well as additional elements for your enterprise’s consideration).

Part 2: ICP Implementation Tools

  1. Developing an ICP Manual: This section contains customizable MS Word templates for each of the core elements of an ICP that can be edited to reflect your enterprise's specific policies and procedures toward strategic trade control.
  2. Implementation Resources: This section contains a variety of compliance resources and job aids that are designed to assist in implementing your enterprise’s ICP. This section also provides over 100 links to useful reference and resource materials which can facilitate STC compliance-related knowledge and/or serve to enhance your enterprise’s ICP.
  3. Industry Sector-specific Tools: If applicable, the resources in this section of the guide can be utilized to further tailor your ICP and account for the unique challenges and issues facing enterprises from the chemical, technology, academic/research, shipping, or defense sectors.
  4. Restricted Party Screening Tool (RPST) and the Control List Search Tool (CLST): The Quick Links button (located at the top right hand side of the homepage) affords users easy and direct access to the ICP Guide’s transaction screening tools - the CLST and the RPST. The CLST assists with determining whether a given good or technology is found on the national control list, while the RPST allows users to screen all parties to a transaction to ensure that none of them are designated on officially published lists of restricted or prohibited entities (e.g. UN Consolidated List).