for Strategic Trade Control Compliance

A strong management commitment to STC compliance is essential to the effective implementation of your ICP. STC compliance is driven from the top-down and requires senior management to maintain an active and transparent role in the establishment, support, promotion, administration, and implementation of the ICP.

The purpose of this element of an ICP is for senior management to clarify the enterprise’s policy with respect to strategic trade control; to convey the importance and value placed on effective STC compliance procedures; and to define management’s specific compliance expectations. The compliance policy statement should also promote a connection between your enterprise’s core values and the ICP.

The simplest and most straightforward way for your enterprise to demonstrate its commitment to STC compliance is by having your Chairman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), or President (or equivalent) personally endorse and communicate a written STC policy statement to all employees.

Before crafting an STC compliance policy statement, your enterprise must undertake the following tasks:

  1. Determine who should issue the policy statement;
  2. Determine what information the policy statement should contain;
  3. Determine to whom it should be distributed; and
  4. Determine how often it should be updated.

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