for Strategic Trade Control Compliance

Next, you must assign responsibility for strategic trade control within your enterprise. Delegating strategic trade control functions to the appropriate personnel in your enterprise is essential to ensuring that all the components of the ICP are executed properly. The inability to assign STC responsibilities to specific, empowered compliance personnel could result in their failure to perform key tasks and instances of non-compliance.

The purpose of this element is to ensure that all compliance-related functions, duties, and responsibilities in your enterprise are clearly defined, identified, and assigned; that the relevant positions and incumbents are known throughout the organization; and that there are internal records of these assignments that are routinely updated and distributed to employees.

Implementing this element requires your enterprise to complete three tasks:

  1. Determine who has responsibility for each of the STC compliance tasks (including a back-up person) within your enterprise;
  2. Document compliance-related positions, assignments, and roles; and
  3. Disseminate organizational assignments and roles to all relevant personnel.

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