for Strategic Trade Control Compliance

Training is a critical element to an effective ICP and necessary for enterprises doing business in strategic items. Due to the fact that strategic trade control requirements and products and their end-uses are continually evolving, it is essential for your enterprise to include a training component as part of your ICP.

Your enterprise should seek to provide compulsory, periodic training for all employees that maintain STC compliance or export-related functions, including senior management, empowered compliance personnel, new employees, sales managers, and others, to ensure they possess a working knowledge of current STC obligations as well as the specific requirements of your enterprise’s ICP. Proper training can help to ensure that employees understand their individual job responsibilities and are less likely to commit unintentional STC violations.

Implementing the training element of your ICP requires your enterprise to complete six essential tasks:

  1. Delegate responsibility for overseeing and conducting compliance training;
  2. Develop a training schedule and determine when training will occur;
  3. Determine what topics and personnel to include in the training program;
  4. Determine what training styles and formats will be used (e.g. web-based training or in-person classroom instruction);
  5. Document and maintain records of your training activities; and
  6. Decide when and how often to update training materials to ensure that they are as useful and relevant as possible.

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